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3D Scanning Tools (2016)

We made a full body scanner with GoPro Hero 4 cameras and Line Laser. It takes just 3 seconds scanning full body.

Scanning device with GoPro Hero 4 and line
           < Scanning Setup>

Scanning S/W
            <Scanning Process in our Software platform>

Scan result
                <viewing point clouds in MeshLab>

Close look at the point cloud

                    <Close look into point cloud without any noise removal after reconstruction>

Sketch-based Modeling

     2010 Best Research Awarded Technology!
     from National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA)

Sketch interactions based on interpreting multiple pen markings into a 3D shape is easy to design but not to use. First of all, it is difficult for the user to memorize a complete set of pen markings for a certain 3D shape. Secondly, the system will be waiting for the user to complete the pen marking set, often causing a certain mode error. To address these problems, we developed a novel, sketch-based modeling tool for pen-input displays, such as Tablet PCs. The tool consists of interaction framework and shape modeling framework. These two frameworks are tightly coupled with each other to create appropriate communication protocols between the user and the sketching modeling system. This system includes nearly the same functionalities as "Google SketchUp" tool but with more freeform surface modeling functionalities, and image-based modeling functionalities. COLLADA Models can be loaded and internal models can be exported into COLLADA.

Notably, our surfacing tool interpolates the curve networks given by the user in any form; using other existing tools simply cannot achieve such surface; target surfaces generated by our technology not only has the best aesthetic properties but also has very simple user interface, "pick the curves and enter". This patent pending surfacing technology will promote the sketch-based modeling tool for architectural forms to the other areas such as concept modeling, product design, etc.

Please contact us for the details. Drop your e-mail to cregeo@wolfsonlab.com.

Sketch Based Modelling, Finite Element Analysis, and Visualization Tools

Sketch based modeler can be used to create base model for Finite Element Analysis and also be used to inspect the analysis results in 3D space.

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Camera Tracking and 3D Reconstruction Tool

We recently developed a full camera calibration and 3d reconstruction tool, which is very stable for most outdoor/indoor scenes. Our algorithm is different from other unstable solutions which use so called Absolute conic and vision algorithm. Our algorithm directly construct affine cameras (not projective cameras) from only two view using our brand-new optimization algorithm, therefore, robust and stable. Our tool and API will soon be ready to be released (End of this year, promisingly). Click below to see the demo movie.

Deep Learning Environment

We are developing Interactive Deep Learning Workspace, where programmer can edit layer graph and their properties and do the training.

Geometric Algorithms

Incremental Planar map generation algorithm (sometimes called line arrangements)  in 3D space (Boundry Representation). We sell this fast and industrial strength algorithm to many industries with source code. You may not implement this using other Geometric packages.

Boolean Intersection in Many Levels( Surface, Solid, all). We sell this industrial strength algorithm to many industries with source code. Our algorithm uses no other modeling kernel but, simple our own kernel. We may customize the fast algorithm to your needs.


  December, 2010.
We were awarded '2010 Best Research Award' from National IT Industry Promotion Agency(NIPA), Korea.