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A Sketch-based Modeling Interface for Pen-Input Displays, Shaker Verlag, ISBN 3-8322-3121-8, 2004.

Journal Papers

A new modeling interface for the pen-input displays, Journal of Computer-Aided Design , Elsevier, Vol 38.  Issue 3, march 2006. ISSN 0010-4485, pp210-223

A curvature estimation for pen input segmentation in sketch-based modeling, Elsevier, Vol 38.  Issue 3, march 2006. ISSN 0010-4485, pp238-248

Skin Color Analysis in HSV Color Space and Rendering With Fine Scale Skin Structure, pages: 243-253, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 4305, ISBN 3-540-35638-X, Springer.

A New Cubic B-Splines Design Method for Pen Input Environment, pp.69-77, IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems, Vol. E92-D., No.1, 2009, IEICE.

 An Extension to Polygon Clipping To Resolve Degenerate Cases, Computer-Aided Design and Applications, Vol. 3, 2006.6., ISSN 1686-4360

Conference Papers

Paul Michalik, Dae Hyun Kim, Beat Brudelin, Sketch- and Constraint-based modeling of B-Spline surfaces, ACM Symposium on solid modeling and applications, 2002.

Dae Hyun Kim, Paul Michalik, Beat Brderlin, Sketching B-Spline Curves and Surfaces, Graphiktag 2001, Germany, p.68-76, 2001.

Dae Hyun Kim, Ulf Doering, and Beat Brderlin, Polygonization of Non-manifolds with the Aid of Interval Operators, ACM/Eurographics Workshop on Implicit Surfaces, p.145-151, 2000.


1. Method and System to visualize surveillance camera videos within 3D models, and program recording medium.
patent-submission-no: 10-2010-0008773

2. Modeling method and system for sketching 3d curved surface model, and program recording medium.
patent-submission-no: 10-2009-0129403


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